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    EMDK profile => Unknow source => enable parameter ?

    Christophe BERNARD

      Hello all,

      i work with visual studio 2015 and xamarin.

      we have a device zebra tc 75 and we need to deploy or app over > 700 devices ...


      i have build a little app where i set some setting inside the EMDK profile manager (wifi, screen on time, and so on ...)


      I would like to know if you have a setting for the security ?

      In fact, when i try to install my app for enable setting on the phone i receive a android pop up with this text :


      Install block for security, you phone is set to block installation of app obtain from unknow source !


      I've looks inside the wizard of EMDK but i can't find this parameter ?

      could you tell me if this option exist and where i can find it ?


      thanks for your time and your app guy ..

      Nice tool ...