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    Disable App Center on Startup

    Sergio Contreras

      Hi, is there a some method to remove de App Center on start? i have the Zebra MK500

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          Catherine ANDRE

          1. Connect the MK500 to a PC using a mini-usb/usb cable. Be careful : it IS mini-usb.

          2. When the MK500 is connected to the PC you will see a "Windows CE" device. Pehraps you will need to go to MicroSoft site and download a utility program for Windows CE.

          My PCInside the DEVICE
          presence_du_mobile_usb_haut.jpg ---

















          3. Go and navigate to this device : try to find the file STARTMENU.RUN. (folder Application/Startup/)
          4. Edit the file with Notepad++ or similar,      you will see the parameters.


          If the file cannot be modified, just copy it on your PC. Modify the copy on your PC, and then reload it on "Windows CE" device.