FX7500 TagAccess.ReadEvent hangs?



Using .NET EMDK we need to perform "TagAccess.ReadEvent" operation every 2 seconds (because a real-time RSSI strength value is needed what inventory-mode does not offer).


But every short red STAT bulb blinks and after cca. 1/2 hour of such operation reading hangs (crashes) with the following error:


HResult: -2146233088

Status Description: "Cannot perform operation as an Access operation is in progress"


STACK TRACE:   at Symbol.RFID3.ProcessErrorCode.ThrowException(IntPtr readerHandle, String sMessage, RFIDResults results, Boolean getLastError)

   at Symbol.RFID3.TagAccess.ReadEvent(ReadAccessParams readAccessParams, AccessFilter accessFilter, AntennaInfo antennaInfo)


In order to solve this I have even tried to check for "Events.STATUS_EVENT_TYPE.ACCESS_STOP_EVENT" before every read-access attempt but it doesn't help because it seems in those cases before crash "Stop event" is not fired...


How to achieve such long running "TagAccess.ReadEvent" operation to work ?


Best regards!