Problem changing configuration settings using  Zebra Setup Utility.



I'm having a problem saving changes to the Configuration settings for a printer.  I have connected via USB.  I'm using Using the Zebra Setup Utility to configure the printer settings.


When I use the utility to change a value such as Label Height it appears to have nbo effect.  I print out the configuration information before, make the change, print it out after and the result is the same.


I'm just wondering if I'm missing anything.


The Printer in question is a RW420 which I am aware is discontinued.  The issue is more abbout how settings like this should be changed using the utility


I have following the instructions in this guide:

Zebra Setup Utilities -- Configuring Printer Settings


and as I mentioned there appears to be no change.





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Units - cm, mm, inchesWidth -

Units - cm, mm, inches

Width - The width of the label using the Units selected above.
Note: An error will occur if you exceed the maximum allowed by the printer model you are configuring.

Height - The length of the label you are using.

              Note: For ZPL Printers Non-Continuous Media (Gap, Notch, Hole or Black Mark) length is internally set when the printer is calibrated. Use of Continuous Media may use this value but the label length is often included in the format.

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