ZQ300 series - default Bluetooth Mode

I'm currently developing with Zebra printer's sdk an iOS/Android app and i received a Zebra ZQ320 "Prototype Unit" for my tests.

The problem was that Bluetooth LE/Smart/4.0 was enabled by default and my application was unable to connect via Bluetooth Classic, receiving a socket connection error on the "BluetoothConnection.open" .

I had to re-configure the printer's bluetooth connectivity settings from "Smart" to "Smart Ready".

My question is: what is the default bluetooth connectivity setting? Because i need to be sure that by default my app can connect via Bluetooth Classic.



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On ZQ320, the Bluetooth mode

On ZQ320, the Bluetooth mode is default to both Classic and LE. The following command through Setup Utility will restore the printer in default settings.




Once in default settings, we can use the following command to check the Bluetooth mode setting.

! U1 getvar "bluetooth"

The output is as below. The bluetooth.le.controller_mode tells what setting it is. So the default is both.


bluetooth.discoverable : on , Choices: on,off

bluetooth.friendly_name : XXZFJ164300085

bluetooth.version : 4.3.1p1

bluetooth.date : 02/13/2015

bluetooth.local_name : XXZFJ164300085

bluetooth.address : AC:3F:A4:89:17:91

bluetooth.bluetooth_pin : *

bluetooth.short_address : AC3FA4891791

bluetooth.radio_version : 3.0/4.0

bluetooth.enable : on , Choices: on,off

bluetooth.connected : no

bluetooth.minimum_security_mode : 1 , Choices: 1,2,3,4

bluetooth.connected_security_mode : nc

bluetooth.bonding : on , Choices: on,off


bluetooth.enable_reconnect : iOS_only , Choices: off,iOS_only

bluetooth.allow_non_display_numeric_comparison : print , Choices: off,print,no print


bluetooth.le.minimum_security : none , Choices: none,unauth_key_encrypt,auth_key_encrypt

bluetooth.le.controller_mode : both , Choices: both,classic,le

bluetooth.json_config_channel_enable : on , Choices: on,off

bluetooth.page_scan_window : 60 , Choices: 15,60

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