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    Getting MX and Stage now to MC32N0 (JB)

    Karol Radosovsky

      We'd like to stage 100pcs od MC32N0 with Android (JB-the only avail.) using StageNow. How do we get the MX and StageNow there, if it's not there? We can't use Soti or MSP client... Kinda frustrated.. In the end we need to deploy EHS with our app + some cosmetics. We know, how to use StageNow, EHS, etc... Thanks for any help.

      Karol (rado@kodys.sk)

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          Jacques Gourmelen

          Good morning Karol,


          May I bring the following paragraph - found here - to your attention?


          Jelly Bean and certain KitKat devices may not include the StageNow Client but do include Rapid Deployment (RD) Client. For staging, these devices can scan StageNow-generated RD bar codes, which cause the RD Client to connect to a network and then auto-install MX 5.0 for KitKat devices, MX 4.4 or lesser for Jelly Bean devices, and the StageNow Client on the device. The StageNow Client can then be used to scan StageNow profile bar codes for configuration. See Rapid Deployment (RD) Client for more information on this process.


          I do hope this helps.

          Kind regards,