Porting from Psion Teklogix - Getting lost!

Hi all,


Newbie here so be gentle : )


What I am trying to do


I have a visual studio 2008 winforms C# application that was deployed and working great on a psion 7535 handheld. The time has now come to port this application to the Zebra MC9200 (Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS). The app has multiple win form pages, accesses a web server, performs user authentication against a LDAP . , reads barcodes, sends data to SQL server etc etc


What I have tried so far


I have download and installed the following so far

  1. Zebra_CoreScanner_Driver_(64bit)_v3.02.0001
  2. Zebra_Scanner_SDK_(64bit)_v3.02.0002.exe


i have created a simple hello world application to prove that I can connect to my handheld etc.


What is my problem?


Looking at my original code I made use extensively of the PsionTeklogixNet.dll  to scan barcodes, use keyboard modifiers , get the battery levels etc. I also deploy this dll in the package. Now in an ideal world there would be a similar dll in Zebra that I could use but I'm struggling to see the wood for the trees.


Should I be using a different SDK? Should I be using a specific dll?


Any advice gratefully appreciated,


Many thanks