Porting from Psion Teklogix - Getting lost!

Hi all,


Newbie here so be gentle : )


What I am trying to do


I have a visual studio 2008 winforms C# application that was deployed and working great on a psion 7535 handheld. The time has now come to port this application to the Zebra MC9200 (Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS). The app has multiple win form pages, accesses a web server, performs user authentication against a LDAP . , reads barcodes, sends data to SQL server etc etc


What I have tried so far


I have download and installed the following so far

  1. Zebra_CoreScanner_Driver_(64bit)_v3.02.0001
  2. Zebra_Scanner_SDK_(64bit)_v3.02.0002.exe


i have created a simple hello world application to prove that I can connect to my handheld etc.


What is my problem?


Looking at my original code I made use extensively of the PsionTeklogixNet.dll  to scan barcodes, use keyboard modifiers , get the battery levels etc. I also deploy this dll in the package. Now in an ideal world there would be a similar dll in Zebra that I could use but I'm struggling to see the wood for the trees.


Should I be using a different SDK? Should I be using a specific dll?


Any advice gratefully appreciated,


Many thanks



Anonymous (not verified)
Hi, welcome to the Zebra

Hi, welcome to the Zebra developer community For the MC9200 you'll need the EMDK for .NET, not those other SDKs you have downloaded which are for our dedicated scanners, and you can find it here: EMDK for .NET Support & Downloads | Zebra .  Most of the online docs refer to the EMDK for Android version but you can find help for the EMDK for .NET version on that same page or it's also in the download (as a .chm file).  The EMDK contains all the functionality to scan barcode, use keyboard modifiers and retrieve the battery level.  The rest of (webserver / winforms) should just work.

You do not need any additional dlls, you just need to call the SDK.

The MC9200 support page is here: MC9200 Mobile Computer Support & Downloads | Zebra

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Gurmi Chera
I knew I was missing

I knew I was missing something obvious!

Thank you very much, with the help of the multitude of examples I have managed to create a simple app to show the battery percentage. Now to start with the real task of migrating  this code.

Thanks agin!

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