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    scanning with MC32NO / Windows Embedded C 7.0

    Frank Weisenberger

      Hello to all,


      We have to do a porting from

         MC9090s mit Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC


         MC3200 mit Windows Microsoft Windows Embedded compact 7.0.


      The software is written in C/C++.

      The software has to perform simple barcode scanning

      Installed development software is


      - Visual Studio 2008 + SP1 + update for windows embedded c7

      - MC32NO Platform SDK v04.00.00: 32n0c70benps040000.exe

      - EMDK-C-020801.exe


      Are those tools suitable to perform the job ?


      We are searching for an example/tutorial how to perform

      scanning with the MC3200/Windows-Embedded C7

      like the one for Android :




      (most preferably in C/C++, other languages would be fine too)


      Many thanks in advance


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          Darryn Campbell



          Yes, those tools are suitable for the job.  You can find samples installed on your machine, the default directory for the c++ scanning sample is C:/Users/Public/Motorola%20EMDK%20for%20C/v2.8/Samples/C/Standard/ScanSample/.  These are installed when you install the EMDK for C so if they're missing you might try reinstalling the EMDK.  Unlike the Android samples, the C samples are not online.

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              Frank Weisenberger



              thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for.


              The problem was:

              the installation of the SDK generated a  complete directory tree "users"  and with the windows explorer *** THAT TREE IS NOT VISIBLE ON A GERMAN WINDOWS 7 SYSTEM *** . (grrrr ....)

              When looking with the cmd (dos) box, all directories and files are present !  So I copied them to another directory with XCOPY.


              kind regards