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    OnScan notifier not being called


      Hi Folks,


      What I am trying to do


      I am porting an old VS 2008 application from Psion TekLogic to Zebra symbol (handheld mc9200). The app is a winforms .Net application written in C#.


      I have hit an issue where despite attaching a notifier to a form it is not being called, the notifier is being attached in a templatescanner class that is inherited by further classes. This code replaces existing code so I know the call mechanism etc is valid.


      The code is as follows


      In the attach notifier code (template class)


      // Declarations



      Barcode2.OnScanHandler myScanNotifyHandler = null;




      // Inside the constructor


                          this.myScanNotifyHandler = new Barcode2.OnScanHandler(OnScan);


                          m_scanner.OnScan += new Barcode2.OnScanHandler(this.myScanNotifyHandler);


      // further on in the template class


      protected virtual void OnScan(ScanDataCollection sd) { }


      In the child class(es)



      protected override void OnScan(ScanDataCollection sd) {

      // blah blah



      Whats happening is that the text box that is given focus on the form receives the barcode I am trying to scan but the OnScan is not called (where I want to to do some pre-processing)


      What I have tried


      I have used the sample apps CS_Barcode2Sample1 and even CS_BarcodeSample1.VS2008 and basically copied everything they are doing to the letter but I am still getting the issue. A search of this forum and good old google shows nothing useful. I am completely stuck as to what the issue is,


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance for any and all help