MC9190 not performing WPA2 handshake at startup (case 2865063)

We have a Motorola WiFi network incorporating RFS7000 switches, AP6532's and a couple of AP300's.  We have had problems with the new MC9190's on this network and it also appears to extend to the odler MC9090's.  Analysis of the WiFi traffic shows that when the MC9x90's are first powered on they appear to connect to the local AP but DO NOT estabish a proper WPA or WPA2 connection.  There is no WPA handshake performed at all.  Our temporary work around is to force the MC9x90 to roam to the next AP which forces a WPA or WPA2 handshake and all works well until next time we power down the MC9x90.


The very old MC9060's do not have this probelm as they always renegotiate their WPA keys on start up.


Motorola support have been advised but don't have an answer yet so be interested to anyone in this forum has any answers.  Is there a way to force a WPA handshake on power on or clear the network cache during power off.

Software we are using on teh MC9x90's is WaveLink if that makes a difference.