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I'm using Browser Print and a GK420d printer. I've stored a format, "TRIAL.ZPL" on the E: drive. I want to send a command from my javascript through Browser Print that tells me if my format is there. I know I can use the following in ZPLII:






but that returns a multiline string like this:

* E:TRIAL.ZPL      50                    

-   1516624 bytes free E: ONBOARD FLASH

which is a pain to parse. I'd like a Boolean return instead. Is there a command (SGD, ZPL, etc.) that will do that?

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Hi Jennifer, I'm afraid not. 

Hi Jennifer, I'm afraid not.  Even all of our tools parse the string.  There are a few other, easier to parse, options with some of the newer printers, but even those are not ideal for this use case.

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