RFD8500 Change RFID Mode to Barcode Mode vice versa

Recently using RFD8500 to get RFID Tag and barcode on the same activity. for RFID Mode, i'm using API3, for Barcode mode I'm using scannercontrol. The question is how to change mode from barcode to RFID mode vice versa programmatically?


I've read using ZETI SDK to send command and some example to send command to set beeper. Unfortunately, I'm failed to integrate.

From this class package com.zebra.rfid.api3;


public void setBeeperVolume(BEEPER_VOLUME beeperVolume) throws InvalidUsageException, OperationFailureException {

   if(null == beeperVolume) {

   throw new InvalidUsageException("setBeeperVolume - beeperVolume", "ERROR_PARAMETER_NULL");
   } else {

  SetAttribute var2 = new SetAttribute(140, "B", beeperVolume.getValue(), 0);
   RFIDResults var3 = l.a(this.c, var2);
  if(RFIDResults.RFID_API_SUCCESS != var3) {

  be.a(this.c, "setBeeperVolume", var3, true);





is this the same way to get what i Want, I just wanna change the setAttribute value with my own. Is there any way to use that without using ZETI SDK?