EMDK with multiple product flavors & different application ids

When using Android Studio 3.0 with one product flavor and two build types (release & debug) the emdk works as intended.  I have the EMDKConfig.xml file in /assets folder and everything syncs up nicely.  The problem comes in when I have different build flavors that change the application id, the use case for this is to provide my testers with a test version of the app along side the production version, so i will have two product flavors, prod & qa.  The qa build flavor uses an appendix to the the application id, "com.example.app.qa".  When I do this the broadcast for the scanner is not being received in my app, however the initialization of the emdk does not fail, it still returns successfully.


Here is an example of my product flavors


productFlavors {

  prod {

  resValue 'string', 'app_name', "Application"

  qa {

   applicationIdSuffix ".qa"
   resValue 'string', 'app_name', "Application-QA"



Any ideas why changing the application id breaks the scanning?


p.s. - Device is TC70 with Android 4.4