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    Failed resolution of: Lcom/symbol/emdk/EMDKManager$EMDKListener;

    Francesco Parisi



      I'm trying to integrate the barcode scanning in my app, as a reference I'm using this sample




      I can compile it and it works well on my zebra TC20, that I use for debug and test purposes.


      Unfornately, I'm encoutering difficulties in my app. As you can see in debug_massages.txt I've this error:


      Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lcom/symbol/emdk/EMDKManager$EMDKListener;


      that depends by EMDK for Xamarin. I seen this posts:


      How to reference Symbol EMDK while targeting Lollipop or Higher

      Using EMDK in Cordova Plugin


      As you know in xamarin there is no app.gradle file in xamarin apps, to load external libraries there are Components and NuGET Packages. 


      Firstly I added the EMDK for Xamarin from the component manager, then I tried to use the version that is the same used in your sample, but I always get the same error.


      Where am I doing wrong?