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    Simulate a mouse button click - SendInput or something else


      Hi Folks,


      What am I trying to do


      I need to simulate a mouse click in my application (deploying to Handheld MC9200, developed in C# Visual Studio 2008, WCF and .Net 3.5). Previously in the application, which was running on a Psion 7535, I was using



      DllImport("coredll.dll", EntryPoint = "SendInput", SetLastError = true)]


      static extern uint SendInput(


      uint nInputs,


      INPUT[] pInputs,


      int cbSize);


      and using SendInput to get my result which was working fine.


      On migration to the MC9200 this call does nothing.


      Basically think x 20 y 15 I want to do a left mouse button click



      What I have tried to do


      On the new handheld (MC9200) the above code simply returns a 0 (i.e. it does nothing).


      Searching this forum returns nothing relevant


      Google suggests a few things


      Tried : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8962850/sendinput-fails-on-64bit : Failed : Can't find PInvoke DLL 'user32.dll'.


      Other google hits all refer to 'user32.dll' so I was wondering...


      Am I missing something obvious here?


      Should I still be using sendInput or indeed coredll? Shirley  ; )  this has been done before?


      Thanks in advance for any and all help