Is there a slimmer way to scan? (Mk3100) (Windows C 7)

I have the API from the EMDK, and either the Barcode1, or Barcode2 are pretty lengthy. For me anyways hard to even read and understand what's needed just for a basic scan. I was wondering if there was an easier way to call the scan function, I've read about the datawedge but don't fully understand how that works either.


To sum it up, I just need to decode the barcode, that's all.

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Hi, DataWedge is indeed a

Hi, DataWedge is indeed a good way to integrate scanning into your application without having to worry about all the threading required to interact with the scanner.  If you search online you will only find the documentation associated with Android so for more information on DataWedge for the MK3100 please download the DataWedge toolkit (DataWedge Toolkit for Windows Support & Downloads | Zebra ), once installed you will have access to the DataWedge help file which contains an overview and goes into some of the detail for the Windows implementation.

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