My DataWedge Keystroke output app works on TC51 but not TC20

I've been working on an app primarily being tested on TC51 devices. I use a DataWedge profile set up with barcode scanning and keystroke output (no intent output) and it works brilliantly on my TC51.


In, I override dispatchKeyEvent(KeyEvent event) and get the character entered and keycode from there, and process it according to my app's needs. I can provide source code if needed.


This works great on my TC51 but now that I've installed my app on a TC20, it's not doing anything at all. I've tried logging what keys get pressed (in my dispatchKeyEvent, i check if it's ACTION_UP and then I log the keycode in my app) but that just produces a list of "285" keycode presses, which doesn't match anything in KeyEvent.Java


How can I get my app working with Keystroke output on the TC20?