Datawedge and management of mix code UPC-A and EAN13 with leading zero



For one of our costumer it's necessary to be able to scan both UPC-A code and EAN13 that are zero at the begining.



UPC-A code : 8 93892 00246 3

and EAN 13 : 0 207817 035953 (this kind of code are mix of EAN 7 code and price information)


I dont" succeed to configure Datawedge to be able to scan both type of codes


If i configure Datawedge with UPC-A and say that i want to keep country char , a zero is added to my UPC-A code. And if i remove this option , when i scan the EAN13 with leading zero datawedge remove the zero character.

Do you have in idea on how to manage this configuration.

daniel benson
make sure you have in

make sure you have in datawedge -> decoders config -> upc a -> change peamble to country + sys char

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