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I have installed Zebra Browser Print and have gotten both of the examples to work correctly with my GK420d printer; printing both a phrase as well as an image to the printer. I am now struggling with how to functionally use Browser Print to print formatted labels to the printer. I have tried to piece it together and it seems like using ZDesigner to upload a template to the printer then use the template is the way to go. I saw that this seemed to be the suggested method of doing this by watching Zebra DEV { TALK } - Interested in Connecting a Printer to a Web App? - YouTube  and seeing the slide around 7:47 that implies this. I found helpful information regarding getting the template setup and on the printer in Zebra Dev {Talk} Label Design – Creating Unique, Clear Labels For Your App - YouTube  but I now am not sure how to get Browser Print to effectively use the template with all of the information that needs to be sent? Where would I find documentation for getting this setup?




James Borton
I have done more testing with

I have done more testing with this and have found that I can simply take the ZPL after creating the label, and push it to the printer using the Browser Print functionality, which works great. One problem that I am running into is that an image doesn't seem to print at all when I do this. I can create the label in ZDesigner and print it and the image prints fine. I can send the zpl file directly to the printer using the Printing Preferences -> Tools -> Action -> - Send File command and the image prints. I can test it using  and the image shows up there as well. When I send the ZPL string to the printer using Browser Print, everything prints except for the image. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong in this scenario? Is printing images like this not supported using Browser Print? I realize there is a command for Browser Print to print images separately from sending a string of text, but how would I combine those to print both my image and the text that I need? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included the zpl that is generated below that seems to work everywhere I have tried except through Browser Print.

















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