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    TC55 - Tethering

    James Thurlow

      Hi wondering if anyone in this wise community can help me.  I have a number of TC55's which have roaming SIM cards so they work across all UK mobile networks.  The cost for data is relatively high, but we are not pushing that much data through and to have access to all networks is a big plus.


      We are playing with stage now to restrict which apps can be used and which are loaded on start-up.  Also to set APN / Wifi access.


      I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find a way to stop a user from enabling tethering.  I can switch off access to some of these menus but thing is I do want users to be able to connect to local Wifi and potentially pair on bluetooth.  And switching off menu options restricts access to these important settings.


      Any ideas?  Pretty please.



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          Mark Jolley

          HI James,

          There is not an MX feature to disable this easily but there maybe a workaround.

          Have you tried Enterprise Home Screen?

          Here you can disable the top bar from being allowed to be used (and this restricts the access to the hotspot via there) Then you can set restricted settings (Im not 100% sure what that would mean on a TC55 ) would need to see if that solved it

          mbfk48 might have some other ideas too?

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              James Thurlow



              Thanks for the reply - sadly that doesn't work as restricting access to the top bar prevents users connecting on to local wifi (e.g. in village halls on events).  I'm using EHS now - just far from a great solution that its ether no user WIFI access and no Tethering OR User Wifi access and Tethering.. seems odd that such a basic requirement is not covered.off


              Just wished I could switch off tethering all together there is no situation with these devices where I would wish for it to be used, and the consequences if some clever person does is expensive.