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    Image does not fit in the physical label when printing with TLP 2824 Plus on macOS

    Nicu Lare

      I am using a Zebra TLP 2824 Plus printer to print some labels on macOS Sierra(10.12.3).

      I am using some physical labels of approximately 60mm x 30mm and I've configured Paper Size accordingly.

      The available resolutions reported by the printer are 203 DPI, 300 DPI and 600 DPI.

      I want to print an image of resolution 1208 × 637 px.

      If I'm using the lowest printer resolution (203 DPI) the image fits inside the physical label, but the quality is very low (the edges are visibly jagged).

      If I am using a higher resolution (600 DPI) only the top left corner of the image fits inside the physical label and the edges of the text are still jagged, even if I have selected the option to scale to fit the paper size.


      Up: 600 DPI and Scale to fit paper size

      Down: 203 DPI


      When printing the same picture from a windows computer, the quality is way higher and the image fits correctly inside the physical label.

      I am using CUPS, the default printing system on macOS and the printer is connected to an USB port.


      The question is I am doing something when configuring or there's some issue with the driver on macOS?


      Thank you in advance,