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    ioS Swift

    raphael sacle




      I am trying to link my DS2200 to an iPad app written in Swift.

      I have followed the instruction as per https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/manuals/barcode-scanners/scannerios-dg-en.pdf , which aims at ObjC integration. long story short this doesnt work for swift I have no clue whatsoever what to change to have this working for swift.

      Can someone help ?

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          Buddhika Pallewela

          Hi Raphael,


          I apologize for the long delayed reply.


          I need to clarify one thing about the scanner you used.


          1. iOS app supports only the code-less(via Bluetooth) scanners.

          Which scanner model are you trying to connect with iOS app?

          It must be a scanner model that we currently support via iOS SDK, mentioned below


          Using BT LE mode


          DS 2278

          DS 8178

          DS 3678

          LI   3678


          Using Mfi Mode





          So, If you are trying to connect with a corded scanner you will not be able to connect.


          Secondly, you can write a swift application to use our iOS SDK written in Objective-C. I hope you have already used the "Objective C Bridging Header" file to expose the header files need to access iOS SDK API functions.(Just for the reference : Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C (Swift 4.1): Swift and Objective-C in the Same Project )


          Further, currently we are working on Swift version of our Scanner Control App for iOS and in few months will be releasing the sample code for it too.

          If you need any help please do write to me.




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              Mike Tobin

              Checking in to see how the Swift version of the Scanner Control App for iOS is coming.  In Feb, you thought it was a few months until release.  I need to decide if I should start a new project with the Obj C Bridge or wait for the Swift version.


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                  Kenneth Bhella

                  We plan to support Swift but due to other priorities, have not addressed it yet.


                  it is definitely on our radar, unfortunately i can't provide an ETA at this time. At best in 3 months, at worst 2019.


                  We have changed direction a little. Our first swift implementation will be in the Scan-To-Connect not the Scanner Control App.

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                      Bruce Zamaere



                      Is it possible to successfully connect to a DS3678-HP scanner using CoreBlueTooth? I am able to find the scanner as a peripheral, retrieve services, and register for notifications for all characteristics retrieved. However, I don't get any notifications and the scanner beeps an error code that I believe indicates that the device isn't paired. If this is indeed the issue, where can I get details on how the Scan-To-Connect pairing mechanism actually works?





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                        Kamal Clarke



                        Any update on the Swift SDK for the DS3678 scanners? We built an application in Swift and have been waiting for the Swift SDK to complete the scanner integration portion of our application.





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                    Bruce Zamaere



                    It is now 2019. Can we have an ETA on Swift?





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                      kanhaiya choudhary

                      Hi Guys I have implemented bar code reader project in swift. if anyone need then he can contact me on my email "kanhaiyac268@gmail.com"