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    TC20 without wifi router



      First, sorry for my very bad english !


      I want to buy two tc20, but we don't have a global wifi router.


      I want to save in the tc20 all our modify in our storage space. Then, we go back to the computer to transfer all data.


      I don't know what is the best method to transfer this data. I want connect the TC20 with USB cable, but android maybe need to be in developer mod to transfer data.


      I also want to use the tc20 like a barcode reader (datawedge ?).


      I think, it's possible to create a hotspot wifi with a program like MyPublicWifi, maybe Zebra have the same program ?


      I develop the android application and the windows application. (I can change all on this program).


      Do you have a better solution for my use ?


      Thank for your advice !