ZEBRA TC 75 =>key programmer REMAP with xml file

Hello all,

we work with visual studio 2015 and xamarin.

We have buy 700 devices zebra TC 75 and for some reason some users would like to have the scan button on the right side => replace the volume by the scan.


Of course, for each device, we can change manually these option in the settings key programmers => but for 700 devices that's pretty boring ...

We see that it's possible to REMAP button with a XML config file locate on the device folder => entreprise/device/settings/keypad


We have build a little xml file as this


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>


  <trigger_1 mode="Remap Button">








and drag and drop this xml file on this folder => entreprise/device/settings/keypad

But each time , we receive an error as this : detected invalid kew config xml reverting back to the last know good state


Any idea of how to REMAP button with a xml file


Thanks for your time