Install certificate on MC40

Model: MC40NO

Adroid Ver: 5.1.1

Build Number: 03-07-03-L-VO-M1



I have an MC40 onto which I need to install a certificate.  I have been able to successfully package the cert with a stagenow certmgr barcode and install on our TC51's (Android 6.0.1).  When attempt to track the process i followed with the TC51, i encounter a Stage Now Staging Error message stating "Installed Certificate not present in Keystore".  The cert was placed in the sdcard root (file path = /sdcard/mycert.pem).  If i manually navigate to the Android Security settings and tap on the "Install from On Device Storage", the cert installs, however it undesireably disables the ability to set the Screen security to "None".  Can someone advise where i have gone wrong with this MC40?  Here is the CertMgr XML



  <characteristic version="4.2" type="CertMgr">

    <parm name="CertAction" value="1" />

    <characteristic type="cert-details">

      <parm name="CertAlias" value="Scripps Root CA" />

      <parm name="CertType" value="6" />

      <parm name="CertMethod" value="2" />

      <parm name="CertFileClient" value="sdcard/mycert.pem" />

      <parm name="CertAdjustClock" value="false" />




Matt Dermody
Before you can install the

Before you can install the cert you need to initialize the Keystore with another CertMgr profile. You will also need to validate whether the MX +OSX versions on the MC40 supports the features you're looking to leverage. The MC40 is a relatively old device and therefore doesn't support the same MX features as the newer TC51.

You can attempt to validate what is supported here:

Certificate Manager - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

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