MC92N0 - QL320 won't print via Wavelink

UPDATE - copied the 9090 Wavelink config (3 config files manually placed into v6.0.xx) and exported for import into Wavelink v7.3.xx the printer type was not imported.

We had to select the COMTEC printer in Wavelink config to resolve the issue.


Also a heads up - if you use the built-in version of Wavelink on MC92N0 and you need to use a license server, in our case a WEB HOST, we found that as soon as the client confirmed receiving the license it shut the TelnetCE application down.  It would repeat this when started again.

We solved this by using the VC70 (CE7) 7.3.130 version on the MC92N0 until the official Wavelink release comes out.  Scary stuff.




Trying to print from Wavelink to QL320 via ADP9000 with serial cable 25-62170-01R.

This works on 9090 but not on 9190 or 92N0.


Has anything changed in serial communications between 9090 ND 9190 / 92N0?


The IG calls for 25-62170-02R.  Is there a difference?


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