Specimen Label Printing with ZD420-203dpi

I'm working on trying to get a demo ZD420-203dpi to print specimen labels in Meditech 6.0.  Right now our barcode labels are set at JJWILD.  A Zebra partner recommended this model of printer that they said should work with JJwild, but just like the Cognitive printer we are wanting to replace when Meditech sends the print job to the server it just sits in the que and does not print.  Test prints through the server print fine when set at the ZD420-203dpi driver.  However Meditech requires the Generic driver which does not print a test page.  Zebra is not supporting this printer, but suggested submitting the issue here.  I am also working through another vendor to try to find another Zebra Partner that will support the printer.


My hope is that to get this to work we don't have to make formatting changes to our labels to another version (ELTRON).  Any suggestions or advice that can be provided is appreciated.

Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi Ryan,Please, could you

Hi Ryan,

Please, could you clarify if you want to have access to a demo ZD420 printer to run your demos? Or are you looking for another type of support? Zebra only supports Zebra printers and Zebra drivers.



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