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I am creating a Wordpress plugin to create barcodes for Zebra printers and some product management. I currently have it working perfectly via USB but when looking for the printers over a print server, the browser print program can only find the drivers on broadcast search not the printers. Are there any particular settings that need to be configured on the print server that I missed in the documentation?


Followed these instructions Browser Print Issues as well but this didn't seem to help as its not actually detecting the printers on Browser Print .


It does detect the printers in the Zebra setup utility via the print server however. Thus the reason why I am confused.


Any help on this issue would be great.



Matt Watson
Sorry forgot to include the

Sorry forgot to include the printer models.

Zebra GX Series GX430t Label Printer

Zebra GX Series GX420t Label Printer

Print Server :

Dlink DPR-1061

It has 2 USB ports

It has it’s own IP address.

Printer info:

Zebra GK420t2

Port 515

Protocol LPR

Queue name lpt2

Zebra GX430t

Port 9100

Protocol Raw

No queue name

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