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    ZPL code works for S4M but not for ZT410

    Mario Hernandez

      I have tried this in several printers. Very simple ZPL code generated by ZebraDesigner for mySAP. The ZebraDesigner software adds the forward slash ( "/" )on every line.


      I'm using the internal web server these printer have and then i create the script there and print the label. The S4M prints the label. The ZT410 doesn't. By the way, this is how you import these labels into SAP. But this IS NOT AN SAP issue. What's wrong with the ZT410?




















      /(^FT207,246^A0N,39,38^FB107,1,0^FH\^FD- MK:^FS

      /(^FT38,150^A0N,23,24^FB123,1,0^FH\^FDSales Office:^FS




      / ^FX[Recall]^FS

      / ^XA

      / ^XFR:ZASC_Mar.ZPL

      / ^FN12^CI17^F8^FD&GW_MARK-ATWRT&^FS

      / ^FN7^CI17^F8^FD&GW_MARK-NAME&^FS

      / ^FN8^CI17^F8^FD&GW_MARK-MAKTG&^FS

      / ^FN9^CI17^F8^FD&GW_MARK-VKBUR&^FS

      / ^FN2^CI17^F8^FD&GW_MARK-SO_ITM&^FS

      / ^PQ1,0,1,Y

      / ^XZ

      / ^FX End of job

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          Samantha Corn

          Hi Mario,


          Does the ZT410 print anything? The ZPL you have looks fine as long as the saved formats you're using are ok. Have you tried printing the label to the ZT410 not through SAP? You should be able to print the label using Zebra Setup Utilities if you remove the leading /('s.


          If the label does't print, are you able to print any other ZPL? Here's some ZPL to print a simple Code128 barcode you can try:







          Another thing you try is recreating the label in ZebraDesigner but selecting the ZT410 as the intended printer in the Label Setup Wizard.

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              Mario Hernandez

              Hi Samantha.


              Yes, the ZT410 does print.


              1. Using the Zebra Setup Utilities i can print the configuration page and objects.

              2. Using the Zebra Designer i can print my label using the Test button.


              We have boiled down this issue to this scenario: The ZT410 does not print the exported Zebra Designer ZPL code even if you tried directly within the printer's internal web server and create the script there (when you access the printer in a web browser using its IP address).


              Do you see the "/" characters at the beginning of each line? These characters are there because the Zebra Designer exports the file like that. If you put the ZPL code "as is" into the internal web server script window and send it to print in a S4M, it works. If you do the same in a ZT410, it doesn't. It only works in a ZT410 if you remove the "/" at the beginning of each line? Why does it works in a S4M and not in ZT410? That's the key. All my labels have the "/" at the beginning of each line. It has been like that since Zebra had the old BarOne software. The ".itf" that both the BarOne and the Zebra Designer exports for use in SAP have this "/" in each line. You are suppose to copy the .itf content and use it within SAP (plus other development you need to do to make it dynamic, etc. I'm an SAP developer as well).


              Definitely this is not related to SAP technology. there is something in the firmware that the S4M allows the "/" to be there but in the ZT410 makes it incompatible.


              I entered this issue into the support system, they are now escalating this to the engineers. I hoped someone here had already stumble upon this issue and fixed it.

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              Mario Hernandez

              The Zebra Support team figure it out.


              It looks like the "/" in each line makes this ZPL code to be interpreted when the printer is setup as "ZPL only" language. The current setting of my printer was ZPL/EPL Language.


              By sending the following 3 lines of code to the printer, it set the printer to "ZPL only" and that fixed the issue.


              ! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"
              ! U1 setvar "device.pnp_option" "zpl"
              ! U1 do "device.reset" ""