ZPL code works for S4M but not for ZT410

I have tried this in several printers. Very simple ZPL code generated by ZebraDesigner for mySAP. The ZebraDesigner software adds the forward slash ( "/" )on every line.


I'm using the internal web server these printer have and then i create the script there and print the label. The S4M prints the label. The ZT410 doesn't. By the way, this is how you import these labels into SAP. But this IS NOT AN SAP issue. What's wrong with the ZT410?




















/(^FT207,246^A0N,39,38^FB107,1,0^FH\^FD- MK:^FS

/(^FT38,150^A0N,23,24^FB123,1,0^FH\^FDSales Office:^FS




/ ^FX[Recall]^FS

/ ^XA







/ ^PQ1,0,1,Y

/ ^XZ

/ ^FX End of job