TC70 Lollipop BSP 12002 - KeyMapping

I am in the process of updating my customer from KK to Lollipop on their TC70's.


We have a few sites using Soti and others that use Stagenow.


The issue I am having is remapping the side keys PTT and the Volume up and volume down keys to all trigger the scanner. I can do this with the Key Programmer on the device, but, Stagenow does not support key mapping on the TC70's so it is hard to figure out an alternative method.


On KK you could import a key-config.xml file to the dev in the /enterprise/usr/ folder, Lillipop does not support this now that they say there is a more "secure" method (i.e. MX).


So, how do I get an xml from the device to show the current key programming, so I can import it some other way (like mxconfig in Soti), no idea on Stagenow...


Attached is a screen shot of how I want to map the buttons, this is the Key programmer doing it..


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.