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    Upgrade/Update APP via AppManager by it self?

    Patrick Kirsch



      is it possible to use the AppManager feature of the EMDKProfileManager to upgrade an app itself?

      I'm currently testing it and it seems not to work i allways get an Error in the XML StatusString

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<wap-provisioningdoc>  -<characteristic type="status"> <parm value="6" name="code"/> <parm value="Review the XML for details" name="description"/>  -<characteristic type="extended_status"> <parm value="0" name="code"/> <parm value="" name="description"/> </characteristic> </characteristic>  -<characteristic-error type="AppMgr" desc="exception" version="5.1"> <parm-error value="Upgrade" name="Action" desc="error in upgrade"/> <parm value="/storage/emulated/0/MobileClientTC51Update.apk" name="APK"/> </characteristic-error> </wap-provisioningdoc>


      But error in Upgrade could be anything... :/