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    PrintGraphicsLayers Failed (3018) - ZMC: Start Action already called

    Eva M Dominguez

      Hello everyone, I'm trying to print a single card with ZXPSampleCode software (c#, 32 or 64 bits) from Zebra web with a Zebra ZXP 7 Series.

      When I turn off my computer during 20 minutes and I turn on again to print a single card from ZXPSampleCode, the card is printed OK. If I print again, the software fails in this line:

      job.PrintGraphicsLayers(1, out actionID);

      Sometimes, this error closes the application, and sometimes it gives this error:

      Job Result = PrintGraphicsLayers Failed (3018) - ZMC: Start Action already called.


      I have tested to unregister and register the ZMotifPrinter.dll (or ZMotifPrinterlib.dll) but the same error happens. I have also tested other samples and it happens too.


      I have restored the operating system to a point where the application worked fine, but it also fails.


      Addiotionally, after serveral tests, I have verified that it is not necessary to turn off the computer and wait a few minutes. just wait 30-35 minutes to print again only one card...


      I need help ... Thanks in advance,