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I'm on a project for a client that requires printing to a KR403 printer (easy enough through Windows) and presenting the printer status (paper low, paper jammed, etc.) back to the kiosk user.

Some experiments on Friday (with help from Mr. Caicedo-Rivera) set me on the path to gathering the status information using Browser Print in an Electron app, but it occurs to me that since this is part of a product, we'll need to know...

  • Whether it's at all possible to use Browser Print (the software and the JavaScript library) in these kiosks.  I assume that the software can always be installed on-site without any trouble, worst case, but the JavaScript would need to be a part of the shipped application/kiosk.
  • What the licensing terms are to package Browser Print (or just the JavaScript), assuming it's possible.
  • Who to contact, if this requires a contract or purchasing.
  • What alternatives might exist, if our client would rather not go this route.  For example, libraries with more limited functionality, alternative products, a version of "BrowserPrint-1.0.4.min.js" that's not "minified" that we can learn from to create what we need, etc.
  • The (order of magnitude) pricing.


Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi John,Browser print is free

Hi John,

Browser print is free to be used with Zebra Printers. Browser print cannot be used with any printer that does not belong to Zebra family. You can use Browser Print as it is released without additional license.

If you want to customize a solution with unique modifications to Browser Print; we have a services paid group that will quote the specific project, and they will analyze how feasible is  the development of implementation. Please, send me an email to for additional information.



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