Testar a impressão antes de imprimir -  Test de print

Exite alguma maneira de testar uma impressão, tipo mandar para PDF e visualizar antes de mandar para impressora zebra.?




There is some way to test an impression, sort it out to PDF and view it before sending it to the zebra printer.?



Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi Helton,The first

Hi Helton,

The first recommended option would be generating a previews ZPL page using the server page of a Link-OS printer with the printer connected in a network. See the link below for details.

Zebra Technologies - How to Preview a ZPL Label with a Network Printer

But if the above option is not applicable to you, there are some tools in Internet that you could use:

You can use KoditPaperFlex on the link below.

Design Any ZPL Labels Online with koditPaperFlex

You can also use another more simpler tool like.


I hope this helps,


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