getCurrentStatus error on iOS 11.2.2 on Zebra iMZ320 with Xamarin

Hi to all,

I've an application devoloped with Xamarin.Forms that use an Ipad for device. I can print all before the last update of ios version (with ios 11.2.1 i can print all very well). With the last update, my printer doesn't print, the error in "Malformed Status"


I use LinkOS_Xamarin_SDK 1.1.75. The error is systematic on the method that check the printer status .. I think it's something similar to what is shown here :…


and here :


iMZ320 in iOS:Sometimes getCurrentStatus shows ErrorCode=7


i'm sure that only one device is connected with the printer. Please someone can tell me a solution to get around the problem (i try to remove the call on method for the printer status, but error still persist. Expetion is throwning on the following line in bold :


        public bool CheckPrinterStatus(IConnection connection)


            IZebraPrinter printer = ZebraPrinterFactory.Current.GetInstance(PrinterLanguage.ZPL, connection);

            IPrinterStatus status = printer.CurrentStatus;


            if (!status.IsReadyToPrint)


                //Log.Debug(tag, "Printer in Error: " + status.ToString());

                string error = "Printer in Error: " + status.ToString();


            return true;




Thanks in advance.