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    JB to Lollipop upgrade

    Ross Hathaway

      Is there a way to keep settings through an upgrade from JellyBean to Lollipop.


      I need the devices to keep current wireless settings only as the upgrade process needs to be done remotely.


      The customer uses static address on MC40's and want the Lollipop upgrade to be pushed using SOTI.


      I have no problems with doing the upgrade but lose all settings which does not matter except the wireless settings

        • Re: JB to Lollipop upgrade
          Matt Dermody

          SOTI can handle a Zebra OSUpdate fairly well but I am not sure if the settings you are looking for will be persistent after the upgrade. You may possibly have to reconfigure wifi and re-enroll the devices with MobiControl Stage after the update is complete.


          I have successfully performed upgrades from M->N (TC51, TC70x) that preserved the device configurations including wifi and SOTI enrollment, but if I recall correctly the upgrade from K->L on TC8000s ended up wiping the device completely.


          Its possible that the MX Persist Manager configurations could be leveraged in order for the wireless configurations to survive the update, but I'm not sure, you would need to validate that. I'm not even sure if the older MX versions on a JB MC40 even supports Persist Manager.


          Persistence Manager - Zebra Technologies TechDocs