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    SDK to use with the GC420d printer

    Lihini Senanayake



      We are trying to communicate with a GC420d printer through a web application. As per my understanding, over the network printing is not supported by this printer. Using Link-OS or Browser Print also does not seem to be as options since their support pages do not state this printer as supported. So it seems we are left with writing a Windows service to write ZPL to the USB serial port.


      1. Is my understanding correct?

      2. Is there a .NET or Java SDK which I can use to easily communicate with the printer? (check online status, send file to print)

      3. Or is there any other way to print html/css through the printer?


      Best regards,


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          Steven Si

          GC420d does not have networking capability. It needs to connect to a host computer through USB or parallel interface in order to print. The printer itself can accept ZPL from host computer to print. Or, the host computer can send a general printer job to the printer, as if the GC420d was a regular printer. In this case, the GC420d driver needs to be installed on the host printer. You can check out the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK for developing an application on the host. Please be aware that this SDK is for Link-OS printers. The GC420d is not a Link-OS printer. However, the connection part of the SDK should work for USB connectivity with GC420d. The other advanced API in the SDK will not work with GC420d though. Hope this helps.

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            Steven Si

            Hi Lihini,


            Here are some additional information regarding your questions.

            1. Your understanding is correct. Zebra has not included GC420d in its testing yet with Browser Print. But it is a ZPL language printer. So eventually we could try to use Browser Print with GC420d over USB from a host.
            2. We should be able to use our Link-OS SDK. The only recommendation is that we must use the ZebraPrinter interface, instead of using the ZebraPrinterLinkOs interface, because GC420d is not a Link-OS printer. For developing application for PC, the documentation folder we should use is PC(Java) or PC(.NET). For PC(Java) , the ZebraPrinter interface is at ZebraPrinter.
            3. Not sure if you have seen this page - Zebra Web Printing Solutions, which contains a suite of information that you may be interested in.


            Hope this helps.



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