How to print text to GX420d over USB using VBScript

I have an VBScript application and I need to print a couple lines of text to a GX420d printer connected via USB (port = USB001). Any suggestions or sample code would be a great help.

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Hi Jim,I'm not highly

Hi Jim,

I'm not highly familiar with VBScript, but I know a few methods to do this with VB.Net.  Hopefully that will point you in the right direction. 

We had a similar question this summer where I posted some sample code of how to use the USB driver with VB.

We also have a new .NET SDK that will work over USB.  We did not test it with VBScript, but it might work for you.  I'm not sure what the main differences are between VB.Net and VBScript.  Link-OS Multiplatform SDK | Zebra

Let me know if this is enough to get started or if we can point you in a better direction.

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