EMDK in Xamarin Android -- no Components folder

I've installed the latest EMDK on my computer, v2.6.0.70 according to the "About EMDK" in the EMDK menu item in my Visual Studio.  I'm running Visual Studio 2017 and created ab Android project.  The instructions for installing the Xamarin EMDK, according to this


Xamarin Component Install - Zebra Technologies TechDocs


tell me to select EMDK->Add Xamarin Component from the Visual Studio menu, which I can do successfully.  The instructions then tell me that I'll have to install the component in my project.  My project does not have a Components folder.  According to this


Hello NuGet! A New Home for Xamarin Components | Xamarin Blog


Visual Studio no longer has Components.  But your sample application (emdk-component-\samples\BarcodeSample1 from the zip file) has a Components folder.  Am I missing something?  I tried just adding a reference to the Symbol.XamarinEMDK.dll in my project but as soon as I add ", EMDKManager.IEMDKListener" to the end of an Activity class declaration, that activity throws an exception when it's started.