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    Zebra GC420T Support for printing on Android

    Felipe Vale

      I am trying integrate GC420T to android using OTG USB (not wifi or bluetooth).. But as rwest said in another person similar question (in attachmment):


      We do have an Android SDK that does support USB connections using an “On The Go” cable.  It should work with the GC420. Some of the advanced API’s will not work as this is not  a Link-OS printer, but the basic communications API’s will.





      Wich android SDK you talk ? Could you let me know version or link to download? I just want basic print with QR code.. Do you have any tips that could help conect it to android device? I am developing event ticket print solution for android.. and that is so much important for me to solve.. I depend of that to develop my startup company..


      Thank you so much!


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          Dino Gregorich


          I believe you need the Multiplatform SDK found here:


          Link-OS Multiplatform SDK | Zebra


          Once installed, there will be many directories with source code, one will be "Android".  In this directory, you will find Android Java code (demos & TestConnect) to access various printer functions.  I do not have much experience, but I have been successful with On-the-go connections between the printer and Android mobile computers in the past. Good Luck!


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              Felipe Vale

              Thanks for answer.. I looked for that in past, but here it say that is only compatible with printers bellow.. most of those are wifi/bluetooth expensive printers.. It could support printer that is not listed? Somebody know for sure? because i am looking for printer to buy and test, but before i would like to know if its compatible or not.. GC420T is affordable.. I am from Brazil and hre products cost 3x more than in USA.. So Only GC420T and GT800 are affordable here.. All Wifi / Bluetooth printeres are really expensive and it would impossible make my startup run need buying those products lines.. Thank youCaptura de tela 2018-02-06 02.18.58.png