Not printing ^CI29 and printing ^CI28 as question marks

Hello there,


we have a Zebra ZQ520 printer that we want to print in our client's languages - Latvian and Lithuanian.


Even though these printers do not natively support these languages, the support can be enabled using Swiss 721 font which comes preinstalled with European printers. We were able to confirm that the font is indeed installed in the printer as TT0003M_.TTF but trying to print an example as shown here, the printer does not print at all and only flashes the arrow icon on the screen and is unresponsive to any communications until the next restart.


We tracked down the issue to be ^CI29 charset. When changing it to ^CI28, which should work for those Baltic symbols, the printer only prints question marks - picture here.


When I search downloads for this printer, the font is not included in the downloads section, so I am starting to think that this model may not even support symbols that I need at all.


Is there any way we can make Baltic (ąčęėįšųūž) and similar letters work with this printer?