Read all Barcodes with Simulscan or DataWedge?

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We need to read different templates and also multiple templates in the same scan. We have figured out that there are limitation with Simulscan which doesn't fulfill that requirement. So we found a rule to solve that problem programically.

What we need to do now is actually scan all possible barcodes with one scan and analyze the values and barcode and the barcode types programically. We have tried to do that with SimulScan "Unstructed Targets" and "Multi-Barcodes" but we still need to define at least one "filter" to get the template validated. i.e. dynamic Group Quantity...


Is there a way to read multiple barcodes with one scan and provide them to our Android Application so we can do the barcode analyze programically and find the correct barcodes?


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To support with your question

To support with your question what is the device that you are using. Have you tried using Intent output with SimulScan. If you are using intent output all the barcode regions are available in the intent data so that you can programmatically check individually what is the barcode data. Please check whether following links can help you.

Intent Output - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

SimulScan Input - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

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