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    Releasing Scanner Object and Recapturing Scanner Object

    Patrick Cromie

      So I came across a small issue when I was debugging my Application on the TC8000. I have created a custom application for my company to manage their inventory levels at a store level. The application includes several activities and it utilizes the scanner object in several. The application also has main menu that the main inventory activity is launched. Currently, I am capturing the scanner object when entering the inventory activity. When I start the program for the first time, I capture the scanner object perfectly. I am able to scan and receive data to my activity. The problem is when the user backs out to the "Main Menu" in which I am releasing the scanner object as well as the EMDK and the BarcodeManager. When the user enters back into the inventory activity, all of the steps to obtain the scanner object are the same and from a code perspective, it looks successful. But when the user pulls the trigger, it acts like it scans 1 time and 1 time only. After that, nothing happens. I am unable to get the scanner object to work after that. Is this something wrong with my releasing the the EMDK object or the scanner object itself? I can better explain things if something seems off.


      Please help!