Reading rfid tag from label printed from another host

Hello, I have an enquiry about a project from a client with the following Zebra RFID Label Printer,


Zt610RFID          ZT61043-T0E01C0Z


They have an existing application which is printing labels to this printer across USB      (their existing system cannot  Encode RFID Labels)


They have asked us to check if we can do the following:


1)     Use RFID labels with a unique identifier already encoded on the label so that we don't need to encode the labels when printed


2)     As the labels are printed from Computer 1, can we connect Computer 2 at the same time to the printer using another connection (Serial?)


3)     When Computer 1 sends a job to print 5 labels, Is it possible to read the RFID tags for these 5 labels as these are printed and send this to Computer 2 so that I can see the unique identifiers of the RFID Tags


Would appreciate some feedback if this is possible,