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    Datawedge LOG

    James Thurlow

      Hi all


      I use datawedge associated with an app to push barcodes in to that app.  All works fine - however I had a small bug that I've fixed! where the scanned data was not going in to the right box and being lost.  Its only ever a small 3 digit number but for our application (events) very important.


      As a backup I was wondering if it is at all possible for datawedge to create a backup file, ideally time stamped of scans.

      I checked simulscan but that seems more set up for documents containing many barcodes.




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          DataWedge does not have a way to create a captured data in a file. To help you on this I would like to know the following.


          1. Can I know what is data dispatching mechanism you used in DataWedge profile.? Is it keystrok output or Intent output.
          2. If it is keystrokes do you set the focus to the first available text box before you scan the barcode.
          3. What is the purpose of creating the log. If you are using intent output you can simply create a file of data with all the information you need.