How to increase the font

Hello Group,

In portion of my code (Basic), I print a bar-code along with its human readable number as the following:

   print (chanW1)"^XA"

   print (chanW1)"^MMT"

   print (chanW1)"^PW830"

   print (chanW1)"^LL0406"

   print (chanW1)"^LS0"

   //   some code go here to center the bar-code and its interpretation (human readable value)

  print (chanW1)"^BY"+str(j)+",2,156^FT"+str(i)+",119^BCI,,Y,N"

  print (chanW1)"^FD"+part_number$+"^FS"

  print (chanW1)"^PQ1,0,1,Y^XZ"

Now, I'm facing two issues:

1- How can I have the number under the bar-code to be displayed with a larger font on top?

2- Currently, I'm using a logic to check the length of part-number and the width of the paper to center the bar-code but does the API has any function to do it?


I will appreciate your response.