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    MZ320 - Cannot enable bluetooth

    Daryl Lumb

      I cannot enable bluetooth on an MZ320 printer.


      Wireless is currently enabled and configured.


      If I select Bluetooth in the Zebra setup utilities and run through the wizard the setting are not saved to the printer.


      I have several other MZ320 printers that all work and configure Bluetooth as expected.


      How can I switch off wireless and configure Bluetooth for this printer?

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          Daniel Quagliana

          Daryl, can you please share the exact part number? It is possible the unit you have is a Wireless LAN unit that does not support Bluetooth.

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              Daryl Lumb



              Part Number is M3E-0UK0E-20-00

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                  Daniel Quagliana

                  Daryl, this model of MZ printer only has an 802.11 b/g radio. It does not have Bluetooth support.

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                      Murat Cetin

                      Dear Daniel,

                      my printer product is M3E - 0TB0B0B020-00

                      Also, i have a problem about Bluetooth connection from laptop and android devices.

                      i can see printer in the list but has a error connection problem.

                      please inform me, also is this model not have Bluetooth support?

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                          Steven Si

                          To verify if the MZxxx printer has Bluetooth or not, download and install the Zebra Setup Utilities for Windows. Then connect your printer to the PC with USB. Launch the Zebra Setup Utilities and click on "Open Communication With Printer" button. Type in the following SGD command and click "Send to Printer".

                          ! U1 getvar "allcv"


                          Look for "bluetooth." in the results. If there is a bluetooth.address is not empty, then the printer has the Bluetooth. You may check the other fields in the "bluetooth." section. See the highlighted parts in the copy from the "bluetooth." section in the results below.


                          bluetooth.encryption : off , Choices: on,off

                          bluetooth.discoverable : on , Choices: on,off

                          bluetooth.authentication : off , Choices: on,off,default,setpin

                          bluetooth.friendly_name : XXXXJ114900299

                          bluetooth.version : 2.1.19

                          bluetooth.date : 08/26/10

                          bluetooth.local_name : XXXXJ114900299

                          bluetooth.address : 00:22:58:38:BD:8F

                          bluetooth.bluetooth_pin : **********

                          bluetooth.short_address : 00225838BD8F

                          bluetooth.radio_version : 2.1

                          bluetooth.afh_mode : off , Choices: on,off

                          bluetooth.afh_map : 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

                          bluetooth.afh_map_curr : 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

                          bluetooth.enable : on , Choices: on,off

                          bluetooth.radio_auto_baud : 115

                          bluetooth.connected : No , Choices: Yes,No

                          bluetooth.minimum_security_mode : 1 , Choices: 1,2,3