Visual Studio 2017 Project Template will not install

I'm using "Zebra Scanner SDK v3.3 for Windows". Version 3.03.0004 – 02/2018

The installation of the project template (dated 2/2/2018 11:54am, size 669K) fails with Visual Studio 2017.

The source files are installed in ...

<program directory>\Program Files\Zebra Technologies\Barcode Scanners\Scanner SDK\Scanner SDK\Visual Studio Integration

The error message is "String cannot have zero length."  The installation fails at that point.

The file is named, "Zebra Scanner SDK Project Template Installer.vsi"

I believe Microsoft recently made changes in how template files are generated.

Is there a new version available someplace or will I just need to wait for the next version release.

Not a critical thing for what I'm working on but I would like to see what the template generates.