Secure Internal ZebraNet Print Server on 110iX4


Our organization requires any internal hosted web page access to be secured via HTTPS and require a unique user name and complex password (minimum requirements:16 characters long, two special characters, two upper case, two lower case).  Currently Zebra printers have an open web page via HTTP which will process web server requests without such authentication.

Does Zebra provide a firmware that has more security for their ZebraNet Print Servers hosted on their printer?  If no, can the developer community provide one?  Asking for a friend...  Jokes aside, maybe my organization needed a simpler label printer solution, but I picked up this project mid swing and these are the cards I have been dealt.  Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

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Hi Kevin, Right now, no, the

Hi Kevin,

Right now, no, the printers do not support HTTPS for the internal website.  As this webserver is embedded in the firmware (not open source), it is unlikely that others will be able to provide a solution.  The recommendation is to turn it off and use more secure and robust methods of communicating with the printer. 

Command to turn off the webserver:

! U1 setvar "ip.http.enable" "off"

followed by a carriage return.

Many of the newer Zebra printers support much more secure communication methods.

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