Workabout Pro alternative to WMDC

It's increasingly difficult to keep Windows Mobile Device Centre working on Windows 10 for syncing Workabout Pro handhelds using WinCE. We use the widely published solution for the problem caused by the Creator Win 10 update but note that WMDC hasn't been formally supported since Windows Vista. We get other problems including problems with .Net Frameowrk 3.5 being removed from PCs during updates that breaks WMDC.

One feature of our customer's systems is that they have regular domestic wifi support - i.e. we don't have a wifi infrastructure that we can roll out to customers.

One alternative for wifi enabled devices could be using FTP but there are various problems with this:

  • The wifi is difficult to set up for our users - for example I can't get it to connect to my Sky router without removing all security from the router. But anyway users expect to enter a username and password written on the router and for it to work - this is just not supported by Summit or the WinCE wifi manager. It's way too techie.
  • If I do setup an open access point and get the WAP connected I don't know the FTP username and password. I also read that it only supports access to the Temp folder. Is this correct? It seems rather a useless solution.

I looked at OBEX over Bluetooth but that seems even more difficult.

The only solution I can think of for syncing files is to write my own using TCP sockets but this still requires me to find a way of getting the WAP connected to the PC's LAN. My only thought is to provide our customers (farmers around the world) with a cheap router that we've pre-configured but this only works for G4 customers - G1, G2 and G3 all need the wifi card to be retro-fitted.

Are there alternative solutions that aren't reliant on WMDC? It seems that Microsoft are just phasing it out with no alternative offered.

Suggestions would be much appreciated.